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Spanish Bible Translation

Bible, the sacred canon, preaches humanity through its hallowed scriptures. Through the holy words of Bible we feel the presence of God with and within us. There are many versions of these consecrated texts in different languages. Spanish Bible translation is a rich repertoire and spans a wide time span

The first Bible translation in Spanish, "Reina Valera" appeared in 1569, published in Switzerland. An independent Evangelical, Casiodoro de Reina was the principal translator of this historical text. After that, Bible in Spanish translation went through myriad revisions, starting with the version published in Amsterdam in 1602 under the supervision of Cipriano de Valera. Worth mentioning is the 1960 Spanish Bible translation, based on Greek Textus Receptus and Hebrew Masoretic Text which later became the central text of the Hispanic Fundamentalists.

The page below verbalizes the names and addresses of five websites where you can get ample information on Spanish Bible Translation.

American Bible Society: They offer in-depth information on Bible and various facets of religion and life in general.

Reina-Valera: This wikipedia article presents a crisp summary of the history of Spanish Bible translations.

GOSPEL COMMUNICATIONS This site is well equipped to provide any information on numerous versions of Bible including Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Swedish and more.

E-Sword: This site enables free download of different versions of Bible including Spanish Reina Valera, Spanish Sagradas Escrituras and Spanish Nueva Biblia de los Hispanos.

Bible This site is an amazing container of questions, answers and powerful insights on different versions of Bible including Spanish Bible translations.

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