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Medical Spanish Translation

The history of medical Spanish translation starts off from the grand Middle Ages when the medical proficiencies of the East written in Arabic and Hebrew were being transferred into the Western medical repertoire.

Spanish colonization accelerated many revolutionary achievements in the fields of technology, medicine, botany, philosophy, astronomy, navigation and mathematics. Some of the radical discoveries are discovery of cinchona for treatment of malaria in Peru, identification of pellagra then known as "illness of the rose" by Gaspar Casal and the description of ileocecal valve by Andres Laguna. These moved to other European languages through translation from Spanish. This era is still carrying the tradition of this rich heritage of medical Spanish translation with modern techniques to melt the fences infesting the medical globe. The world of medicine has a language of its own with the distinct technical jargons and phrases.Medical Spanish translations are meant to curb the barriers to strengthen the bond of the different medical worlds.

The page below spreads out the names and addresses of five websites providing medical Spanish translation service.

ACR Medical Translation Services: This service provider offers timely, accurate and budget friendly Spanish medical translations.

Trusted Translations: They offer a wide range of translation services for the English Spanish English medical field ranging from anesthesia, veterinary to pharmaceuticals.

Medical Translation services: They offer services regarding English to Spanish and Spanish to English medical translations in the fields of radiology, surgery, pathology and other clinical areas.

TRANSPERFECT: They provide a wide array of medical translation suiting diverse purposes.

Lengua Translations: They offer quality medical translation services from Spanish to English and vice versa.

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