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Russian Song Translation

The world of Russian music is vast and culturally diverse starting from classy classical to jazzy pop and rock. Russian classical music boasts of a rich historiography. Russian music traveled through different genres and today dazzles with a vast repertoire. The only way to enter and explore this melodious world is through Russian song translation.

If you take a tour through the rich world of Russian music you will find a culturally affluent world boasting of famous names. Mikhail Glinka is one of the stalwart classical composers who composed excellent operas like “A Life for the Tsar” and other such jewels. Rachmaninoff was another pioneer music composer. Scriabin and Stravinsky are the two great music composers who made the 20th century melodious with their fine compositions. Pop and rock became popular during the mid 90s. Russian song translation will give you a thorough idea of the musical world of Russia.

The page below divulges the names and addresses of five websites providing information on and translations of Russian songs.

Songs of praise: This site offers English translations of Russian songs including “He Brings the Sunshine”, “Born To Be Our King” and other songs. Mihail Stoyalov, Yuri Krivonos and Timothy Ha have done the translations.

BARYNYA: This site offers English translation of Russian song lyrics along many other musical things.

Love Lyrics: This site offers translation of Romantic Russian songs and poems.

Mama Lisa’s World: This site is a storehouse of Russian children songs with their English translations.

RUSSMUS.NET:This site consists of several Russian songs with their English translations.

Stay tuned to to know more on Russian song translation and Russian translations in general.

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