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Russian Bible Translation

Russian is a popular Slavic language boasting of a colossal number of speakers in Eurasia. English today is Bible is the holy words of God, which guides human being to a better life. Bible translations in different languages have brought the Holy Scriptures close to the common mass of the globe speaking different languages. Russian Bible translation has brought the Holy Scripture closer to the millions of people who speak Russian.

The history of Russian Bible translation is rich. The first Russian translation of the Bible is the Synodal Bible. It is a Slavonic translation of the Bible. Russian Orthodox Church uses this Bible. The work on the Russian Synodal Bible started in 1859. The project was undertaken by theological academies of four regions namely Kazan, Kiev, Saint Petersburg and Moscow. After the completion of the translation it was published in 1876.

The page below displays the names and addresses of five websites providing information on and Russian translations of the Bible. offer Bible in different languages including Russian Bible translations.

IBS-STL Global:They provide Russian translation of the Bible. Search by books and explore the preaching of Bible in Russian.

Parallel Bible:This site offers Bible in Russian, which you can read parallel to another Bible translation.

The Unbound Bible:This site offers Russian Bible translations including the Cornilescu, Synodal, Makarij versions and Bible translations in other languages.

??????(Russian Bible Home Page): Through this site you can explore, download and connect to Russian Bible translation.

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