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Translations Hub » Portuguese Translation » Portuguese Song Translation

Portuguese Song Translation

Poet Olavo Bilac described Portuguese as “the last flower of latium, wild and beautiful”. Portuguese is a vibrant Romance language with a gigantic percentage of speakers throughout the world. The musical repertoire of Portuguese is rich and diverse. With Portuguese song translation you can unlock the door to this affluent world and explore it to the hilt.

The wide range of the music in Portuguese will amaze you. The most popular Portuguese music genre is the ‘Fado’, which is a song with somber lyrics and tunes. Then there is folk music like “Tras-os-Montes” and “Baixo Alentejo”. Today Portuguese music is becoming richer with modern forms like rocks and hip hops. A Portuguese song translator apart from linguistic skills should have through knowledge on the cultural hues of the language and a strong sense of music for perfect Portuguese song translation.

The page below exhibits the names and addresses of five websites providing translations of Portuguese songs.

Songs of praise: This site offers quite a few Portuguese songs with their English translations including “Canta Hosana”, “Intrigas”, “Deus Deu Ao Mundo” and more. The songs are translated by Gilberto Barreto, Henrique Morais and Aurilia Santos.
Website: http://songsofpraise.org/translations.htm#Portuguese

Mama Lisa’s World: This site offers some Portuguese children’s song with their English translations.
Website: http://www.mamalisa.com/world/portugal.html

neo neocon: This is a blog which contains the English translation of the Portuguese song “ olha que coisa mais Linda.”

Angelfire: This site provides songs in different languages including Portuguese songs with English translations.

PROZ: Teresa Bento is an expert freelance translator who offers translation services for music, movie, tours and travels and other fields from Portuguese to English, from English to Portuguese and from German to Portuguese.

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