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Portuguese Bible Translation

Bible, the sacred texts which guides humans to better life and values reaches close to the common mass across language barriers through Bible translations in different languages. Portuguese is a popular Romance language which is spoken by a colossal percentage of speakers. Portuguese Bible translation has brought the Holy Scripture closer to the Portuguese speaking parts of the world.

The history of Portuguese Bible translation is rich and varied. This is because of the vast and diverse cultural colors of the Portuguese colonies. The Bible translations in Portuguese differed from each other due to the socio cultural bindings of the particular land in which it is written. Two most renowned Portuguese Bible translations are by Almeida Atualizada and Almeida Corrigida e Fiel.

The page below reveals the names and addresses of five websites providing information and Portuguese translations of the Bible.

The Unbound Bible: This site offers the Portuguese translation of the Bible by Almeida Atualizada. Search by books, chapters or verses.

IBL-STL GLOBAL: This site offers translation of the Bible in Brazilian Portuguese. Search by chapters, verses, books and more and explore the Bible.
Website: http://www.ibs.org/bibles/portuguese/index.php

BibleGateway.com: They provide Portuguese translations of the Bible, both Nova Versao Internacional and the Portuguese Bible by Almeida Atualizada.
Website: http://www.biblegateway.com/versions/

Bible Desk: This site offers Portuguese Bible translations online, the Almeida Atulizada version and the Almeida Corrigida version.

Christo Vai Voltar: They offer Bible translations in Portuguese. There is a Bible dictionary for a convenient search.

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