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Medical Portuguese Translation

Medical translations make the interactions among the medical worlds of different parts of the globe speaking different languages. Medical Portuguese translation buoys up the transaction of medical data between Portuguese and other languages. Portuguese has millions of speakers throughout the world particularly in Portugal, South America and the former Portuguese colonies of Africa. Portuguese medical translations facilitate the medical interactions of the vast Portuguese speaking regions with the rest of the world.

The language of medical domain is different. The medical translator needs thorough knowledge of the medical lingo and on the specific medical field he or she is going to translate. For apt medical Portuguese translation the medical Portuguese translator should be knowledgeable regarding the particular medical field along with skills in the medical language.

The page below displays the names and addresses of five prominent medical Portuguese translation service providers.

World Lingo: They offer quality Portuguese translation services for a range of documents including medical, automotive, telecommunications, defense, religion, legal and more.

ABC Translations: They offer professional pharmaceutical and medical Portuguese translation services for a wide range of documents.
Website: http://www.abctranslations.com/Portuguese.aspx

PROZ: Paulo Cesar Mendes is a professional medical Portuguese translator who offers quality translations for a wide range of documents including health care, medical instruments, cardiology and more.
Website: http://www.proz.com/pro/15543

Translators Café.com: Paul Robert Kozelka is an expert freelance translator who offers professional Portuguese translations for medicine along with other fields like IT, finance and legal.

Axis Translations: They offer quality Portuguese translation services for a wide range of documents including medical, technical and more.

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