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Latin Song Translation

Latin songs carry the exotic whiff of the languages of the magic lands of Latin America. The land, rich with the musical heritage of the Aztecs, Mayan and the Inca civilization were shackled by the colonial chains by Europe. Apart from the socio political implications colonization added new flavors to the already rich repertoire to Latin American music. A Latin song translation is the best way to explore this mellifluous world of Latin music.

Music is deeply rooted to the culture from where it emanates, so translation of songs include transfer of the cultural tones of one language to another language. And translation of Latin songs needs special empathy towards the culture shaping the language along with profound musical sense. Latin song translation provides a dazzling overview of the varied world of Latin American music starting from the rustic conjunto to modern jazz, reggae, rock, punk and more.

The page below opens out the names and addresses of five Latin song translation service providers.

AngelFire: This site offers a Christmas Carol list consisting of certain Latin American songs including Spanish and Puerto Rican songs with English translations.

LATIN AMERICAN ART SONG TRANSLATION: They features the translation of the song “acalanda da rosa” by Moraes.

MUSICAL SPANISH: They provide lyrics of Spanish songs of Shakira, Ricky Martin and others in PDF format with English translations and phonetic guides.

songof praise: This site contains translations of certain popular Spanish song including “ Como El Rio Fluye” and Cuande Temo Yo” and more.

Song Translations:This site offers translations of certain popular Spanish songs like “Mediterraneo”, “Penelope”, “senora” and more.

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