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Latin Bible Translation

Bible, the sacred book of Christianity advocates the gospel of life. Bible translations have brought the sacred preaching close to common mass crossing the language barriers. Rome, the birthplace of Roman Catholicism spoke and still speaks in Latin as the official language. Latin Bible translation provides an introspective view of the religious-cultural situation of the time when the books were translated.

Vulgate Bible is an ancient translation of the Bible in Latin done by Jerome. Before that there were Bible translations which were collectively called “Vetus Latina”. Old Latin translations of the Bible give a clear idea of the cultural, literary and socio-religious backdrop. Latin also gets a new dimension through the Bible translations; it enriches the religious repertoire of the language.

The page below speaks of the names and addresses of five websites providing information on Latin Bible translation.

Latin Vulgate.Com: They offer translation of the Latin Vulgate Bible which you can read alongside the King James Bible.

Parallel Latin/ English Psalter:They offer the Latin Book of Psalms with English translations. Search by books, passages or chapters.

The Unbound Bible:This site provides translations of Bible in different languages including Latin translation, the “Nova Vulgate”.

Bible Database:You can access the Latin Vulgate through chapters and books from this site.

Douay Rheims Catholic Bible: Explore the passages of Old Testament and New Testament in Latin from this site.

Stay with to know more on Latin Bible translation and other faces of Latin translations.

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