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Translation Hub » Korean Translation » Korean Slang Translation

Korean Slang Translation

Study of slang is one of the major ways of understanding the basic characteristics of a community. Slang gives a taste of the effervescent popular culture of a land. Korean slang is part and parcel of Korean language. It gives you thorough understanding of the popular vocab of Korean culture. Korean slang translation provides you a magnum entry into this diverse and rich sphere of Korean language.

Korean slang is rooted into the immediate cultural contexts. Korean slang gives you a clear notion of the popular cultural historiography of the land. For translation of Korean slang the Korean slang translator needs profound and sensitive perception of the cultural growth of the Korean slang. Korean slang translation is a sparkling domain with diverse riches waiting for exploration.

The page below speaks of the names and addresses of five websites providing information on Korean slang translation.

SPEAK DIRTY, BE DIRTY WHAT IS DIRTY ANYWAY? : This site provides a scintillating Korean to English slang dictionary. Explore it and find out some tantalizing Korean slang translations.
Website: http://www.geocities.com/idontevencarenomore/dictionary.html

COOL SLANG: This site offers a large database of Korean slang with English translations.
Website: http://www.coolslang.com/in/korean/index.php

KOREAN LANGUAGE: This site offers you a list of Korean slang with their English Translation.
Website: http://www.korean-language.org/korean/slang.asp

Korean Language Notes: This is a blog of Gerry Bevers who has presented a list of Korean slang with English Translation.

Learn-Korean: This site provides a list of Korean slang with translations. Glide through the list of Korean slang with English translations.
Website: http://groups.msn.com/Learn-Korean/koreanslang.msnw

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