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Translation Hub » Korean Translation » Translation from English-Korean-English

Translation from English-Korean-English

Korean is one of the richest Asian languages with a curious past. The past is curious because it gives wide scope to scholars for debate regarding its not so clear origin. Some says it belongs to the family of Altaic languages, some are of the opinion that it emanated as an isolated language. Korean today boasts of a large percentage of speakers worldwide. English, as all know is the lingua franca of most of the world. Translation from English-Korean -English takes the linguistic interactions of the globe to a new height.

English originated as a West Germanic language and traveled the world imbibing different cultures. Korean is colored by the social, political and cultural scenario of its land of origin. For proper translation from English-Korean-English the translator must be well studied about the shaping cultures along with proficient language skills.

The page below puts on shows the names and addresses of five providers of translation from English-Korean-English.

KIN Translation Group: They offer expert quality translation services for different documents. The list of prestigious clients affirms their credentials.
Website: http://www.koreantranslation.com/

altavista: Use the free text translator box and the web page translation option to translate short Korean text to English and English texts to Korean.
Website: http://babelfish.altavista.com/

1-800-Translate: They offer a free translation box where you can translate short Korean texts to and from English along with other languages. You can avail their professional translation services too.
Website: http://www.1-800-translate.com/machine%5Ftrans/

SYSTRAN:Free web page and short text translation option for translating Korean to English and English to Korean.

Applied Language Solutions: They provide expert quality translation services from Korean-English-Korean for a wide range of documents.
Website: http://www.appliedlanguage.com/languages/korean_translation.shtml

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