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Korean Translation

Korean, the language with a significant number of speakers throughout the globe is the official language of Republic of Korea and Democratic Peoplesí Republic of Korea. The origin of the Korean language is still under clouds, some places it under the Altaic language group and some stresses itís origination as a single language. Korean translation makes the transactions between Korean and other languages easier.

Korean like Japanese is an agglutinative language. Korean reflects the societal structure which is hierarchical in nature. A Korean translator needs apt understanding of the socio-cultural set-up of the language for culturally appropriate Korean translation. Korean Translation ease up the linguistic interactions between Asia and the world which in turn gears cross-cultural enterprises to a great extent.

The page below discloses the names and addresses of five reputed Korean translation service providers.

Applied Language Solutions: They offer accurate and professional Korean translation service for a wide range of documents at competent rates.

wintranslation.com: They provide expert Korean translation services at competitive rates for different projects.
Website: http://www.wintranslation.com/languages/korean.html

Korean consulting & translation service inc: They offer quality Korean translation service for a range of materials including business, technical, marketing and others.
Website: http://www.koreanconsulting.com/services/korean-

Foreign Ink Ltd:They offer high quality Asian language translation services including Korean Translation of documents and Chinese and Japanese translation services for several types of documents.

KIN Translation Group: They provide quality Korean translation services for a wide array of projects. You can ask for a free quote before signing up with them.
Website: http://www.koreantranslation.com/

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