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Japanese Bible Translation

Bible is the concretization of divine words in human language. The holy scriptures engraved in the sacred book are gospels of humanity. Bible translations in different languages have brought this consecrated canon closer to people all around the globe. The history of Japanese Bible translation is rich and varied.

The historiography of Japanese Bible translation is interesting. During 1859 when the first missionaries arrived in Japan no Japanese scripture were on hand. The first full fledged Japanese translation of Bible was the translation of the Gospel of Matthew done by Jonathan Goble, an enthusiastic Free Baptist missionary. After that Japanese Bible translation gained momentum and in 1880 the whole New Testament was translated. Today the most admired Bible in Japan is the "Japanese Interconfessional Bible," the magnanimous compilation of both the Old Testament and New Testament which was completed in 1987.

The page below proffers the names and addresses of five prominent websites providing resourceful information on Japanese Bible translation.

INTERNATIONAL BIBLE SOCIETY: They offer Japanese Bible translation in an informal style and language. The translation is based on meaning. You can view both books of Old Testament and New Testament in PDF format.

Bible Japanese Page: They offer online Japanese English Bibles with furigana. You will get both the Old Testament and the New Testament.
Website: http://www.biblejapanese.com/

TO THE GLORY OF GOD: They offer a Japanese translation of a tract of Bible related to salvation online.
Website: http://www.godssimpleplan.org/gsps.html

Japanese: This page presents the Japanese translation of a few verses from the Gospel of John, first published by the Japan Bible Society in 1978. The verses you view here are taken from the translation of 1994 New Testament by Japan Bible Society.
Website: http://www.worldscriptures.org/pages/japanese.html

Japanese Bible Translations: They offer a brief history of Japanese Bible translation with short passages as examples.
Website: http://blog.simon-cozens.org/post/print/1091

If you yearn for more information on Japanese Bible translation or Japanese translations in general then maintain a close bond with Translationshub.com.

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