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Japanese American Translation

Japanese American" is the language of the Japanese people residing in United States. The language carries the rich Asian legacy and is rooted in the diverse culture shaping the life of the Japanese Americans. Japanese American translation gives a profound insight on life of Japanese Americans through the doorway of language.

The Japanese Americans have been stratified culturally generation-wise. The first generation emigrant whose birthplace is Japan is called 'Issei'. Nissei is the second generation, while Sansei, the third, Yonsei and Gosei, are the fourth and the fifth respectively. Japanese Americans are one of the largest Asian ethnic communities of United States. Japanese American translation is of paramount importance considering the steady increase in the population of the community

The page below speaks of the names and addresses of five high up Japanese American translation service providers.

1-800-Translate: They provide accurate translations, interpretation and other sorts of multilingual service for Japanese, Hebrew, Korean, Persian and other languages.
Website: http://www.1-800-translate.com/

LENGUA TRANSLATIONS: They provide professional English to Japanese and Japanese to English translations at competent rates.
Website: http://www.lengua.com/japanese-translation.shtml

ASIAN INTERSTAGE: They offer quality Japanese-English translation and interpretation services for a variety of purposes and projects.
Website: http://www.asianinterstage.com/

Applied Language Solutions: They offer high quality professional translations services for Japanese language and cover a wide range of subjects.
Website: http://www.appliedlanguage.com/languages/japanese_

Japanese Translator.co.uk: Philip Ronan is a Japanese translator who offers expert Japanese to English translation particularly for technical projects. He also translates business cards.
Website: http://japanesetranslator.co.uk/

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