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Italian Song Translation

Italian music is a key component of Italian identity. After the unification of Italy, Massimo d'Azegilo said "We have created Italy, now we have to create Italians". Italian music is music with wings and different cultures have feathered those wings. Cultures like the Greek, Roman, Etruscan, Spanish, French and Arabic have shattered the parochial chains from the bodies of Italian songs. Italian song translation is a key to unlock this musical world of golden diversities.

The world of Italian song sparkles with diversities. The flight starts from the classic vocal, spanning a broad range of rustic folks and ballads, moving through the 19th century tradition of "Canzone Napoletana" and now is moving through the modern jazz, rock and pop. Italian song translation requires special efficiency. The Italian song translator requires in-depth knowledge of Italian music and he or she must be capable of transferring the cultural shades encircling Italian songs to another language.

The page below unveils the names and addresses of five eminent websites providing information and translations of Italian songs.

Learn Italian in Song: This site offers some Italian songs with English translations of their lyrics like "bambini fannoh oh", "7000 caffe", "azzurro", "ballo del mattone" and more.

The Lied and Art Song Texts Page: You will get Italian songs with English and French translations in this site.

Songs of praise: This site offers translations of songs in different languages. The Italian songs are translated by Vincenzo Miuccio and Claudia Guiati. Some of the translated songs are "Che grande dono", "Costruisco la miacasa", "Fratello e Fratello" and others.

AngelFire: They offer songs in different languages with translations. One worth mentioning is the Italian folk carol "Estribillo" with its English translation.

ANDREA BOCELLI LYRICS: This site offers a long list of songs of Andrea Bocelli along with their English translations.

Stay tuned to to collect more information on Italian song translation or other types of Italian translations.

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