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Italian Slang Translation

When human expression clashes with established values of society it seeks expressions outside formal societal discourse. Slang is a part and parcel of the popular culture of a region and is deeply nourished by the local ingredients. Italian slang is the earthy expression of the Italian culture. For a non-Italian speaker the only way to explore the rich and varied world of Italian slang is through Italian slang translation.

Italian slang is nurtured by the regional culture and expresses the cultural shades of its motherland. Italian slang translation is a difficult domain, as the Italian slang translator needs unique capability to convey the right cultural meaning through another language. Italian slang gives you an insight of the indigenous Italian roots of the language.

The page below reveals the names and addresses of five websites providing information on Italian slang translation.

About: Italian Language: They offer a scintillating list of adult Italian slang with English translations. Go through the list and taste the right Italian flavors.

PROZ: They offer a rich glossary of Italian to English slang translations. Glide through these varied slang to get the perfect whiff of Italian language.

Italian Language: They offer a long list of colloquial Italian phrases, slang and jargons with English translations.

FortuneCity: This site offers a dictionary of criminal slang where Italian slang are enlisted with their English translations.

Cool Slang: They offer a huge database of Italian slang with their English translations.

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