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Translations Hub » Hindi Translation » Translation English to Hindi Online

Translation English to Hindi Online

English, the sturdy West Germanic language today is the most extensively used language in the world. Hindi is a major lingua franca of India with around 300 millions of speakers. Central and northern India has the highest concentration of Hindi speakers. English to Hindi translation broadens the paths of communications between Hindi and English for different fields. The process of translation English to Hindi online adds more speed, ease and comfort to the progression of English Hindi translations.

For translation English to Hindi online or offline the English to Hindi translator should be skilled in both the languages. Apart from that the English Hindi translator must have comprehensive knowledge on the cultural elements shaping both Hindi and English for culturally perfect English to Hindi translation.

The page below discloses the names and addresses of five services providing translations from English to Hindi online.

DIGITAL DICTIONARIES OF SOUTH ASIA: This is an online English Hindi dictionary where you can translate an English word to Hindi.
Website: http://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/shakespear/

www.shabdkosh.com: This site provides online English to Hindi dictionary. Type an English word in the box and get the Hindi equivalent.
Website: http://www.shabdkosh.com/

AAILCAA: This site offers a Hindi English dictionary for English Hindi translations of words online.

InfobankofIndia.com: This site provides online English to Hindi and Hindi to English dictionaries.

AARDVARK: They offer online English to Hindi translation services for a range of documents.

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