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Hindi Song Translation

Hindi music is a rich repertoire with a long heritage of tradition. From Bhakti songs of Kabir and Namdeva, rustic folks, sizzling Bollywood songs to modern rocks, the scenario is dazzling. Hindi song translation is a golden key, which can unlock the door of these vast riches of the Hindi music world for you.

If you travel through the history of Hindi songs you will be amazed by the variety and diversity it displays. Bollywood songs demand special mention because of its dazzling range. Hindi songs including Bollywood songs reflect different emotions like heroism, love, separation and more. For perfect Hindi song translation the Hindi song translator must understand the cultural psyche of the land where the song is created.

The page below unveils the names and addresses of five websites providing information on and translations of Hindi songs.

SEPIA MUTINY: You will find the English translation of the Hindi song “Dum Maro Dum” on this site. Website: http://www.sepiamutiny.com/sepia/archives/001941.html

OBSERVER: This site provides the translation of the Hindi song “ Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein”.
Website: http://notestomyself.wordpress.com/2006/05/14/kabhi-kabhi-mere-dil-mein-english-translation/

Sulekha.com GROUPS: This blog provides English translation of certain Hindi songs. The translations are done by the members to the request posted there.

LA Institute of Translation and Interpretation: This site provides quality Hindi translation services for a range of fields including translations of Hindi songs.

Bollywood Songs: This Wikipedia page along with information on Bollywood songs provides English translations of some popular Bollywood numbers.

Stay tuned to Translationshub.com to garner more information on Hindi song translation and other types of Hindi translations.

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