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Hindi Lyric Translation

Hindi, the language of Indo-European phylum has a rich artistic repertoire. It is one of the official languages of India with around 300 millions speakers. Hindi has many regional versions in different expanses. The world of Hindi lyrics is also vast, from the literary lyrics of the Bhakti movement, popular Bollywood song lyrics to the recent Hindi-Punjabi mix pop lyrics it is diverse. Hindi lyric translation allows you a clear view of this prosperous world.

Hindi lyric translation is not an easy job. Hindi lyrics most of the times contains terms and phrase of Urdu, Persian, Arabic and other languages as Hindi lived and even today cohabits closely with these languages. For culturally perfect Hindi lyric translations the Hindi lyric translator needs deep understanding of the cultural elements where the lyrics are rooted.

The page below unfurls the names and addresses of five websites providing information on and translations of Hindi lyrics.

Sulekha.com GROUPS: This blog provides English translation of Hindi song lyrics. The translations are done by the members to the request posted there.

LA Institute of Translation and Interpretation: This site provides quality Hindi translation services for a range of fields including translations of Hindi song lyrics.
Website: http://www.latranslate.com/639738.html

Guyana Org: This is an org where you will find translations of certain Hindi song lyrics. This is a community based org.

Desi Lassi: This site offers translations of popular Hindi song lyrics from blockbuster films.

Bollywood Songs: This Wikipedia page along with info on Bollywood songs offers English translations of some popular Bollywood song lyrics.

Stay in touch with Translationshub.com to collect more information on Hindi lyric translation and Hindi translations in general.

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