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Translations Hub » Hindi Translation » English Hindi Movie Translation

English Hindi Movie Translation

The main ingredients of a Hindi movie - a dare-devil hero, a dashing heroine, a charismatic villain, a luscious vamp all coming together through a story strewn with melodious musical interludes. But today the Hindi film world, ‘Bollywood’ has outstretched its imagination and creation to soaring heights with diverse films catering to diverse tastes. English Hindi movie translation provides you a way for exploring this dazzling world.

For English Hindi movie translation the English Hindi movie translator along with skills in English and Hindi language in-depth understanding of the culture the Hindi movies are rooted in. Apt cultural translation of Hindi movies offers the right cultural note into the translated version. Movie translation will also give you a taste of the distinct culture of Bollywood.

The page below divulges the names and addresses of five English Hindi movie translation service providers.

Translators Café.com: Shruti Nagar is an expert freelance translator who offers English to Hindi translations services for film scripts, movies, arts and other fields.

PROZ: Deependra Pandey is a professional freelance translator who offers quality translation services for cinema, film, arts, media, entertainment and other various fields.
Website: http://www.proz.com/profile/63757

Hindi Translation Services: They offer Hindi translation for a range of documents including English to Hindi movie translation.
Website: http://www.hindi-translation.com/

Hindi Resources: You can order Hindi film DVDs with English translations. You will also get dialogues of Hindi films with English translations.

Hindi LANGUAGE STUDIES: This site provides English translation of several scenes of the Hindi film “Betab”.
Website: http://www.anu.edu/asianstudies/hindi/movie/index.html

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