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Hindi Translation

Hindi is a descendant of the Indo-European language phylum. It evolved from Sanskrit. Today’s standard Hindi is derived from the Hindustani dialect ‘Khariboli’. There are different regional versions of Hindi. Hindi boasts of a large number of speakers in India. Around 300 millions Indians speak Hindi. It is mainly used in northern and central stretches of India. Hindi is also extensively used outside India, among the Indians settled abroad. Hindi translation opens up new venues of communications between Hindi speaking regions with the rest of the world.

For flawless Hindi translation the Hindi translator should possess in-depth knowledge on the cultural hues shaping the source and the target language apart from linguistic skills. Knowledge on the socio-cultural elements will help the translator in providing a linguistically flawless and culturally apt translation.

The page below puts on views the names and addresses of five prominent Hindi translation service providers.

Applied Language Solutions: They offer expert Hindi translation services for a wide range of documents at competent rates.

Wintranslation.com: They offer quality English to Hindi and Hindi to English translation services for different types of documents.
Website: http://www.wintranslation.com/languages/hindi.html

Translation Services USA: They offer expert quality Hindi translation services for legal, technical, financial, medical and other types of documents.

To Localise: They offer accurate Hindi translation service for a broad range of documents.

LENGUA TRANSLATIONS: They offer accurate Hindi translation services for a wide range of documents.
Website: http://www.lengua.com/hindi-translation.shtml

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Hindi Translation
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