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Greek Hebrew Translation

Hebrew is the ancient language of the primeval Jews and the language of vast liturgical and secular riches. Today Israel officially expresses through Hebrew and scattered population throughout the world which is a significant percentage expresses through Hebrew. Greek is another ancient Jewel, the crown language of Greek civilization. It boasts of a considerable number of speakers in different parts of the globe today. Greek Hebrew translation opens up the magnum door to the riches of both the golden languages.

Greek and Hebrew both are very different language with very diverse and distinct cultural historiography. Perfect Greek Hebrew translations need profound skills in both the languages along with in-depth understanding of the cultural hues shaping the languages.

The page below unfolds the names and addresses of some eminent Greek Hebrew translation service providers and the websites providing information on Greek Hebrew translation.

Fagan Finder> Translation Wizard (beta): With this translator you can translate short texts of Greek to Hebrew and can translate Hebrew to Greek too.
Website: http://www.faganfinder.com/translate/?from=el&to=he

Ability Top translations:They offer quality Greek to Hebrew translations of websites, documents and more.

Sprachendienst Bangard:They offer quality translation from Greek to Hebrew and Hebrew to Greek translation services for a range of documents.

The Septuagint Online: This site provides resourceful information on the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible famous as ‘Septuagint.’

lexicool.com:This site offers electronic Greek-Hebrew dictionaries for apt Greek Hebrew translations.
Website: http://www.lexicool.com/online-dictionary.asp?FSP=A14B15

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