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Greek Song Translation

The mighty Greek civilization reached the acme of excellence in different fields, and music was one of the most flourished one. Greek music was a part and parcel of Greek drama. From ancient era Greek music traveled through the Roman Empire, the Byzantine era, the medieval era, the Renaissance and today has stepped into the modern era. If you are a stranger to Greek language the only way to explore the rich world of Greek music is through Greek song translation.

The world of Greek music is affluent and diverse. Be it the classy classical songs, the rustic folk lyrics or the happening modern forms Greek songs are always enchanting. Greek songs emanating from different regions carry the cultural nuances of those lands. For perfect Greek song translation the Greek song translator has to understand these specific nuances aptly.

The page below divulges the names and addresses of five reputed Greek song translation service providers. site provides lyrics translations of different languages including translations of Greek songs.

The Art of Middle Eastern Dance (by Shira): This site offers English translations of Middle Eastern songs including Greek song translations to English.

Jacket Magazine:This site offers English translations of certain Greek folk songs.

Father Time’s. Net: This page provides English translation of a Greek New Year song.

DATAFOX HOMEPAGE:This site offers a wide array of Greek songs with translations. This interesting site has more in store for you.

Stay tuned to to know more on Greek song translation and other types of Greek translations.

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