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Greek Bible Translation

Bible, the gospel of truth can move more close to the hearts of people if it is told in their own language. Bible translations in different languages have made the Bible accessible to the common mass. The Greek speaking part of the world can read the Bible with more ease through Greek Bible translation.

Greek Bible translation has an affluent and long history. If one studies the historiography of Greek Bible translations closely he or she will found out the socio-cultural essences shaping up the Greek language. Greek Bible translation apart from being a religious endeavor will provide us insight on the nuances of Greek language. The most popular Greek translation of the Bible is from Hebrew, famed as ‘Septuagint’ or ‘LXX’. This translation belongs to 3rd to 1st century B.C.

The page below unfurls the names and addresses of five websites providing information and Greek Bible translations.

The Unbound Bible: This site provides with Greek Bible translations including Byzantine Greek New Testament, New Testament of Textus Receptus and others.

E-SWORD: This website allows you to download Bible in different languages for free including Greek translation of the Bible.

LXX Greek Text: Explore the New Testament in Greek through this site, click on chapters or books.

MYRIOBIBLOS: This site offers Greek Bible translation. But Greek font is necessary to use this site.

Olive Tree: You can access multiple Bible online through this site including Greek Bible translation.

Stay in touch with to garner more information on Greek Bible translation and different kinds of Greek translations.

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