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German Legal Translation

Law is one of the fundamental building factors of human society. The institution of law is a universal phenomenon but the different cultures have shaped laws of different lands differently. German legal field is also colored by the German linguistic and cultural contexts. German legal translation apart from clear transfer of provisions of law requires a culture sensitive perception to transfer the cultural tints of German to another language.

German law related writings are structured to suit the surrounding culture. German legal translation incorporates efficient translation of the shaping culture. The German legal translator should transmit the legal writings correctly along with the distinct cultural tones of the source language to another language which has a different cultural bend.

The page below discloses the names and addresses of five prominent German legal translation service providers.

KWINTESSENTIAL: They provide high quality German translation services including business, finance, property and other legal documents and texts.

ABC Translations: They are trusted translation service providers for a variety of documents including legal, medical, technical and financial.

PROZ: This website consists of a list of freelance translators and translation agencies. Angelika Gruber, a member of Proz is a professional freelancer who provides expert legal German translation services including general law, trademarks, copyright and other legal fields.

TEMPLE TRANSLATIONS: This London based company provides expert translation services for many languages including German especially for financial and legal projects.

TRADU guide: Whatever are your translation needs you are sure to get the right answers here. Be it technical, financial or legal they are ready to provide you with apt translation services.

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