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German Verb Translation

Grammar is the concrete base on which a language develops with full-fledged cultural opulence. Grammatical structures provide the firm support on which a language grows and becomes affluent. A verb is an essential part of the grammar carrying the distinct characteristic of a language. German verb translation is an essential part of German translation.

German, the language jingling with a masculine aura is a burly member of the West Germanic Language Group. The development of German verbs is rooted into Germanic verb system. German verbs are classified in two groups, one is strong with a vowel gradation and the other is weak with an inflection of dental consonant. A German translator needs to be proficient in German verb translation, for that matter German grammar translation to make the total translation grammatically flawless.

The page below displays the names and addresses of five eminent sites providing and enabling German verb translation.

About German Language: They provide an exhaustive overview on German verbs with English equivalents and some links through which you can translate German.

Principle Verb parts in Vocabulary Listing: They provide lists of weak and strong German verbs with English translations and information on conjugation patterns.

inguatech language technologies:
They provide an overview of their enormous corpus of text and their network. There are ample examples of German verbs along with their English translation.

They provide a meticulous SlovoEd dictionary database for German translation.

Transparent Language: They will make you learn German fast with a flash card format through the version of Vocabulary Master online.

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