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German Song Translation

From the mellifluous love songs of the ‘minnesingers’ to the majestic classical songs to the flashy hip-hop, the world of German music is intriguing and rich. German song translation is the perfect key to unlock and enter into this land of melody. German songs carry the fragrance of the culture from which it is borne.

German song started its journey from hymns of Hildegard of Bingen, a 12th century abbess and then spread its arms through the colorful maze of diverse genres across periods. There are chorale, opera, baroque music, classic music and earthy folk music. Modernity in German music entered with the pop cabaret. Today German rock and pop has made a mark all across the globe. You will get a clear view of this dazzling diverse musical world through German song translations. A German song translator requires in-depth knowledge of German music and the proficiency to transfer that to another language.

The page below unveils the names and addresses of five websites informing you on and enabling German song translation.

PROZ Sylviab is a member, a freelance translator who offers expert and fast translation from German to French along with other language pairs specializing in arts, music, painting, pedagogy, linguistics and more.

TRADU guide They offer apt and quick translations for song lyrics, poems, music documents and books at reasonable rates.

Some German Songs with Translations by Chris Newbery:
This site offers translation of some selected German songs.
Thekla Martina Altmann is a professional translator offering German-English translation services for a wide array of subjects including music.

Songs of praise This site provide offers translations of songs of various languages including German. Some of the featured prominent German songs with translations are “Mein Ganzes Herz”, “ Ballade vom Kreuz”, “ Jesus ist das Licht” and others.

If you want to hear some more beats of German song translation or want to garner more information on German translations then stay tuned to

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