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German Slang Translation

Human language has traveled a long way since its inception. Generally the standard discourse cannot contain all the twists and turns of a language. Slang represents the unique cultural and discursive nuances of a language. The slang of German, one of the popular West Germanic languages is deeply rooted in the cultural contexts of the place of origination. So, German slang translation involves "carrying across" the cultural flavor of the source language to the target language.

Slang originated as a language tool to evade expressing certain realities in standard language. Sometimes dark and stark realities are expressed through slang. Often slang originated with colloquial expressions with which people of a certain land get habituated. A German slang translator needs thorough perception of the context to translate German slang perfectly with correct cultural blend.

The page below unveils the names and addresses of five eminent websites providing information on and enabling German slang translation.

COOL Slang: They provide a German slang dictionary which contains German slang with their English translations.

FROWNFORK.DE: This site provides a rich collection of German slang with English translations.

TranslationDirectory.Com: They offer a resourceful article on German children and teenager's song and free glossary on German slang.

ATS Language Translation: They offer online dictionaries, thesaurus, glossaries and lexicons.

LENGUA TRANSLATIONS: They offer accurate translation of slang from German to English and from English to German.

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