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German Bible Translation

Bible, the sacred scriptures of Christianity spreads its message of love for the human beings. The translation of Bible in different languages has brought the Holy Scriptures closer to the common mass. The most vital German Bible translation that gave a new direction to the German language is the translation by Martin Luther.

The Bible translation in German by Martin Luther opened up a new linguistic dimension for the sacred canon. There are other German Bible translations that have enriched the religious literary repertoire of German language. Worth mentioning is the German Bible translation by the Catholic sect. Today German language boasts of many well carved Bible translations like Elberfelder, Buber Rosenzweig and Gute Nachricht Bible.

The page below presents the names and addresses of five eminent websites providing resourceful information on German Bible Translation.

Die Bible, Martin Luther translation: This site is a haven for the scholars to explore the riches of the Bible translation by Martin Luther.

The ARTFL PROJECT: They stores huge information on Bibles of different language including the German Bible translation by Luther.

The Unbound Bible: This site provides resourceful information on Bible translations in different languages including German Bibles like Luther Bible, Elberfelder and Schlachter.

All-in-One Bible Versions and Translations: Search for any information from the huge database on Bible Translations in different languages including the German Elberfelder translation.

Parallel Bible: Choose the book and language from the vast resources of 35 Bibles written in 25 different languages. You can see the Bible translation in one language or you can compare two different Bibles in two languages.

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