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Gaelic Song Translation

Gaelic is an old Celtic language which was extensively used in the northern parts of Scotland, southern regions of Ireland and in the Isle of Man. Gaelic, often referred to as Goidelic language was the main language of Ireland till 17th century before the up rise of English. Like the history of Gaelic language the historiography of Gaelic song is also rich and diverse. Gaelic song translation opens the door of this rich world for you.

The world of Gaelic music is diverse and varied with old rustic folks to modern day punks and hip hops. For perfect Gaelic song translation the Gaelic song translator needs to have profound musical sense along with ability to handle languages deftly. Gaelic song translations demand transfer of the essence of one language to another language through the lyrics.

The page below unfolds the names and addresses of five websites providing information and translations of Gaelic songs.

Donald Macdonald’s Gaelic Pages: This site hosts a range of Gaelic songs with their English translations.

Pathname:This site provides a range of Enya songs with English translations of the lyrics.

seanet: This site offers Gaelic songs along with their translations in English.

OAC: This site offers translation of the Gaelic song “Ge Fada Mo Choiseachd” in English.

Omniglot: This site contains English translations of Irish Gaelic songs and translations of Scottish Gaelic songs.

Stay tuned to to garner more information on Gaelic song translation and other types of Gaelic translations in general.

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