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Gaelic Bible Translation

Bible is the gospel of God which directs human beings to the right life path. Bible translations in different languages bring the Holy Scripture close to common people through their languages. Gaelic Bible translation has brought the Bible closer to the Gaelic speaking parts of the world. Gaelic is mainly spoken in Ireland and in specific pockets of Australia, Brazil, Canada, USA and other states.

The history of Gaelic Bible translations is interesting. Absence of Gaelic Bible translation posed great problem till 1688 in the Gaelic speaking regions. In 1699 Robert Boyle gifted Irish Gaelic translations of the Old Testament to the parishes of the Scottish Highlands. Robert Kirk translated Bible in Gaelic, both Old and New Testaments which became very popular. James Stuart translated Bible in Gaelic which was completed around 1801.

The page below unfurls the names and addresses of five websites providing information on and Gaelic translation of the Bible.

TRANSLATUM:From this site you can download Gaelic Scot Bible and explore the riches of Gaelic Bible.

Bible Database:You can download Gaelic Bible, the Gospel of Mark from this site for free.

The Unbound Bible: This site offer Manx Gaelic translation of the Bible. Search by chapters, books or verses.

Jeremiah2913.Org: This site offers Gaelic Manx Bible translations and useful notes on it. View Bible portions by selecting verse.

Church of God- 21st Century:This site offers Gaelic (Manx) Bible translation. Search by book numbers or chapters.

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