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Translations Hub » Gaelic Translation » Translation from English-Gaelic-English

Translation from English-Gaelic-English

Gaelic was once a thriving language with a rich tradition in southern regions of Ireland, northern regions of Scotland and in the Isle of Man. In present day it is an isolated language with around 300,000 speakers around the world. It is spoken mainly in Ireland and in certain parts of Canada, Brazil, USA and UK. English in present times is the lingua franca of the world with large numbers of speakers in almost every corners of the world. Translation from English-Gaelic-English makes communications better between these two unique languages.

Translation from English-Gaelic-English helps melt away the language barriers creating hurdles in many projects. Translation from Gaelic to English and translations from English to Gaelic opens up doors of interactions between the two languages at various levels be it medical, legal, technical or literary.

The page below unfolds the names and addresses of five services providing translations from English-Gaelic-English.

TRADU guide:They provide quality translations from English to Irish Gaelic and from Gaelic (Irish) to English for a range of documents.

Applied Language Solutions: They offer high quality Gaelic to English and English to Gaelic translation services for a wide range of documents.

Langbridge,Inc.:They offer quality Gaelic-English translation services for different kinds of documents

Translation Booth: They offer expert translations from Gaelic to English for different kinds of documents.

World Lingo:They offer Gaelic to English translations and English to Gaelic translations for a wide range of documents including engineering, legal, medical, telecommunications and more.

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