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French Legal Translation

Law, institutionalized differently in different lands must come closer in this era of globalization. It is a story of globalization of law and translation plays a crucial role here. French legal translation is one concrete step towards making law and order better throughout the world.

Legal translation needs special expertise for understanding the laws of one land presented through one language. Language of law is colored by the characteristic nuances of a language.French legal translation is a demanding enterprise as it involves lucid transfer of the legal jargons of French to a different language. So, a French legal translator must be skilled both in provisions of law and in language.

The page below displays the names and addresses of five eminent French legal translation service providers.

Kwintessential: They have years of experience of providing high quality translations to NGOs, law firms, solicitors and businesses. They provide translation of French legal documents with accurate lexis, terminologies and vocabularies.

DM McLean:This is a firm which provides high quality translations for French legal documents.

Legal Workshop This site contains the e-mail address of David De Leo who is an Italian translator and provides quality translation of French legal documents in Italian. He also provides translation services for technical and business projects. This site also contains articles on the pros and cons of legal translation.

TRADU guide: This is a community of translators worldwide who offer professional translations for French legal, technical and personal projects.

PROZ: Karen McAuliffe is a member who is a lawyer-linguist is offering freelance translation services for legal documents from French to English.

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