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French Song Translation

France being the Mecca of art and music of Europe prides itself to be the land of melodic riches. Starting from the mellifluous indigenous folk songs to the legendary classical music, French has embraced popular hip hop, pop and rock songs. French experienced huge revival of traditional folk music and the classical music era boasts of names like Claude Debussy, Jules Massenett, Georges Bizet and Eric Satie. French song translation is the only way to delve into the riches of French music.

French music translation requires special skill to transmit the intrinsic melodies of French songs to a different language. A French song translator besides possessing linguistic skills must be a music connoisseur to translate a French song perfectly.

The page below displays the names and addresses of five outstanding French song translation service providers.

TRADU guide: They provide high quality music translation for French song lyrics, poems, music documents along with various types of other translation services.

La Marseillais:This site provides a complete translation of the French national anthem “La Marseillais” to English.
Website: This site offers an online dictionary where you have to enter a musical phrase or term in French, German, Serbian and English for translation.

Xerbumsoft Peter Divers is a freelance translator who offers expert French to English translations for music, advertisement, finance, business, architecture and more.

Song Translations: This site contains a wide variety of song translations by different persons in different languages. The French song translations are done by Sylvain Turcotte, Marc Lefebvre, Yvon Hache andGuy Pothin.

If you yearn to know more on French song translation or French translations in general then keep gliding through the pages of

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