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French Bible Translation

Bible is the word of God for humans. Godís authority is expressed through words of language. Though Godís language is universal but when it reaches the human heart it is expressed through various languages. Through Bible translations, voice of God reaches every individual, speaking any language. French Bible translation presents the words of God to the French speaking people, in a lucid manner.
French Bible translation brings the biblical scriptures of Hebrew and Greek Bible closer to the French speaking world. Bible being the most revered and most popular book of the world is translated in almost every language. Martinís Bible is considered one of the most authentic French Bible by the Protestants. French Bible translators along with being skilled linguists require deep understanding of the religious scriptures.

The page below speaks of the names of five websites offering relevant information on French Bible translations.

GOSPEL COMMUNICATIONS This site offers significant information on French translation of the Bible by International Bible society including information on the book list of the Bible, version and copyright.

NT Gateway: This site offers a wide array of information on different Bible versions including Revised Standard Version, Vulgate, New King James version and others. This site is accessible in several different languages along with Bible translations in languages like French, German, Italian and more.

Bible Database: This site offers options of Bible downloads in different languages including Hebrew, German, Dutch, Spanish and French.
Website: This site provides profound information on the history of Bible translations along with the requisite information on the French Bible by Pierre Robert Olivetan.

PERSECUTIONS AGAINST THE FRENCH BIBLE: This site offers connected articles on French Bible translations.

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