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Arabic to French Translation

Arabic is one of the most popular Semitic languages emanating from the exotic land of the Arabian Nights. It carries the colors and riches of the vivacious orient. French is a Romance Language enriched with the treasures of Europe. Arabic to French translation is a magnum bridge between these two worlds.

Arabic is the most spoken Semitic language in the world and has close ties with Aramaic and Hebrew. Derived from the Classical Arabic Modern Arabic is termed as a macro-language with 27 sub-groups. French boasts of being the second most spoken language in the world. Arabic to French translation brings the two languages closer. Arabic to French translator needs special skill to translate the cultural idioms of Arabic to the language structure of French, which is dipped in another culture.

The page below displays the names and addresses of five Arabic to French translation service providers.

Lina Elhage Mavroudi: She offers professional and quality translation service from Arabic to French, French to English, Arabic to English, Greek to French and English to French. She is a member of the Panhellenic Association of Translators.

Roula Kerbage Roula Kerbage is a freelance translator who offers perfect Arabic to French translations for medical, advertising, technical and a variety of other documents. She also offers translations for language pairs including English French and English Arabic.

World Translations & Beyond: They offer exact and professional translation services for a variety of documents including marketing, medicine, law and others.

CIMOS: They provide professional translation services for a wide range of projects including legal, technical, medical and others.

asktranslation: They offer high quality translation service for a broad range of subject fields at competent rates.

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