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Translations Hub » Chinese Translation » Chinese Verb Translation

Chinese Verb Translation

Grammar provides the soil on which language sprouts its branches. With time these branches moves to soaring heights nourished by the culture. Correct grammatical translation prepares the ground for perfectly beautiful language translation. Apt Chinese verb translation provides inner stability to Chinese translation. Translation of Chinese depends greatly on correct translation of Chinese verbs.

Chinese verbs are of two types, static and dynamic. Like Indo-European languages verbs in Chinese do not conjugate. Other interesting things are the co-verbs that often substitute Chinese verbs. Chinese is a complex language and special skillfulness is required to translate Chinese verbs to other language with the root cultural impression.Chinese verb translation is one of the major fundamental steps of Chinese translation.

The page below discloses the names and addresses of five distinguished websites providing resourceful information on and enabling Chinese verb translation.

Improving Translation Selection with a New Translation Model Trained By Independent Monolingual Corpora: This site proposes theories on Chinese to English translations. There are also sections on Chinese to English verb translations with examples.

Chinese Verbs: This Wikipedia article provides comprehensive information on Chinese verbs with examples of Chinese verbs along with their English translations.

NCBI: They provide an article on Chinese verb translation used in literature related to medicine

Twin Bridge: TransWhiz is translation software which enables English Chinese translation of different kinds of documents.

Reverso: Use Collinís Chinese-English dictionary to translate Chinese to English.

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