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Chinese Song Translation

From classical to rock, Chinese music has mesmerized the world with its own unique rhythm. Music is universal but language divisions pose barriers to a deeper and complete understanding of the music with the lyrics. The best way to get a taste of the magic of Chinese songs is through Chinese song translation.

Chinese song translation makes you enter the vast repertoire of Chinese music. Through song translations, Chinese has been incorporated into the courtly classical music, the rustic folk music or the ever happening rock. Chinese songs carry with them the distinct tang of Asian culture shaping them. The Chinese song translator should be careful as not to blemish this cultural wrap when translating the Chinese songs to another language.

The page below speaks of the names and addresses of five vibrant Chinese song translation service providers.

TING DONG: They offer a huge database of Chinese and Japanese songs with translations. This is run as a hobby site.

Songsof praise: They offer Chinese songs including “All of my heart”, “As the river runs” and more with translations.

YAHOO! ANSWERS: Here is the literal translation of the song “peng yu” done by a person to a request.

sinosplice: This site contains the Chinese song “ The Moon Represents My Heart” with a translation.

Audio Delight: This site offers translations of several Chinese songs along with songs and translations in other languages.

If you yearn to know more on Chinese song translation or Chinese translations then stay tuned to

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