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Chinese Slang Translation

The standard language discourse is attired formally. Slang stems from the grass root levels of popular culture and carries the tang of the place of its origination. With time this informal discourse pervades the upper strata of the society. Chinese, a macro language with numerous regional versions has vast and diverse repertoire of slang. Chinese slang translation makes you enter this amusing world and learn about Chinese local cultures.

Among different Chinese translations Chinese slang translation is a delicate field. The Chinese slang translator requires profound understanding of the root culture of the slang. As Chinese has many regional diversions Chinese slang differs too. The translations of Chinese slang of different lands require special skill and understanding.

The page below puts on shows the names and addresses of five websites providing information and enabling Chinese slang translation.

Mandarin Slang Translation: This Wikipedia article provides resourceful information on Mandarin Chinese slang and their English translations.

COOL Slang: They offer a huge database of Chinese slang with their English equivalents. Go through their huge collection of Chinese slang and the translations to have a clear view on Chinese slang.

My Chinese Translator: They provide accurate translations of names, idioms, phrases and slang of Asian languages including Chinese.

WTB: They offer a wide array of Chinese English translation services, be it a word or a large document.

Chinese Language: They offer an exhaustive list of Chinese slang with English translations.

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