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Chinese Sentence Translation

A sentence is the first “complete” unit of a language, the first stepping of language from micro to macro sphere. Perfect sentence translations ensure apposite translation. Correct Chinese sentence translation is the first full concrete stepping stone of Chinese translation.

Chinese is a large family of language, different versions spoken in different regions. Mandarin is considered the standard version. The translator breaks the text into micro units so that the search for idiomatic equivalences becomes easier. These micro units like words and phrases coalesce perfectly in a perfect sentence. So a perfect Chinese sentence translation is a giant leap towards right translation of the whole text. A Chinese translator must correctly translate Chinese sentences to make the whole translation appropriate.

The page below provides you with the names and addresses of five prominent Chinese sentence translation service providers.

SYSTRAN: They provide a free online translation option for short Chinese texts and website both simplified and traditional to English.

altavista: You can translate short blocks of Chinese texts, both traditional and simplified to English. There is also an option for Chinese webpage translation.

WorldLingo: They provide an online translation box to where you can translate both simplified and traditional Chinese to several languages including English, French, Spanish, Japanese and others.

CHINA GUIDE: Use the EICQ translation software to translate websites, e-mails and documents from Chinese to different languages. This site provides you an efficient manual about and on the use of this translation software.

Tial Soft: Translation software, Multitranse can translate words, phrases, sentences and short texts from Chinese along with other languages efficiently.

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