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Chinese Bible Translation

Bible, the gospel of truth and benevolence directing mankind to a mighty path has been translated in various languages. Chinese Bible translation adds a new dimension to the existing rich repertoire of Bible translations. Bible in Chinese creates a new bridge between East and the West through the sacred canon of Christianity.

The history of Chinese Bible translations starts with private translations by the Roman Catholics. But these Bibles were kept private. The Chinese Bible translation became more widespread with the arrival of the Protestant missionaries. William Willis Moseley was the first person among the Protestants to translate the Holy Scriptures to Chinese. The intricacies of Bible translation into Chinese are clearly reflected in his work “A Memoir on the Importance and Practicability of Translating and Printing the Holy Scriptures in the Chinese Language; and of circulating them in that vast Empire.” There are many versions of Chinese Bible in the different Chinese dialects.

The page below unveils the names and addresses of top five websites providing you with Chinese Bible translation. They offer Bible in different languages including Chinese translations, both simplified and traditional.

TCBS: “Tuscon Chinese Bible Society” publishes and distributes Chinese version of Bible. This is the official site of TCBS.

Parallel Bible: This site provides you comfortable reading options of different books of Bibles in different languages. You can read the Chinese version along with another version simultaneously.

The Unbound Bible: This site offers Bibles in different languages including Chinese versions like “Chinese NCV Traditional”, “Chinese NCV Simplified” and “Chinese Union”, both traditional and simplified. You can search by chapters, books and versions.

International Bible Society: They offer Bibles in different languages including Chinese, download and glide through the blessed passages. Search for specific information by words, books or passages.

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