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Arabic Bible Translation

Bible, with its immaculate scriptures enlightens the mind of people worldwide. Bible translations in different languages have brought the holy light of the sacred text closer to the heart of common masses. Arabic Bible translation has enriched the repertoire of Arabic language.

The history of Arabic Bible translation starts off with the translation of 'Tanakh' by Saadia Gaon in 10th century. The translation was named 'Tafsir'.The second translation of Bible in Arabic appeared in 1671, done by the Roman Catholic Church. But the most talked about Arabic Bible is the translation by Van Dyck. The American Bible Society and the Syrian mission funded this translation project. Till date this Van Dyck translation of Arabic Bible is the most popular amongst the Arabic Bible translations.

The page below tells the names and addresses of five websites providing information and translations of Bible in Arabic.

Bible This site offers Bible translations in different languages including Arabic. The translation is in PDF format.

The Good Way: From this site you can download the complete Arabic Bible in PDF format. You need an Acrobat Reader to read these files though.

Arabic Bible: This site offers Arabic Bible translation by Van Dyke and Smith as both text and audio format. You can download it as MS Word format.

The Unbound Bible: This site offers Bible translations in different languages including Arabic Bible. Specify your search by indicating books, chapters or verses and read the Arabic version of the Bible.

ArabBible: This site provides resourceful information on Arabic Bibles. Through a link on this site you can read the Arabic Bible online for free.

Stay with to garner more information on Arabic Bible translation and other types of Arabic translations.

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